Welcome to the Japanese traditional clothes  shop "Kimono Gallery YAWARA"


We are located in north west of Tokyo Japan, and our business has been running 1990. We have been dealing 100% silk, custom made, traditional high quality kimono locally.

We have designed a winkle free easy fit 2 parts kimono for young or foreign customers lately and we are proud to say that we have opened an online shop for a wider range of customers.

You can find our great conditioned vintage kimonos for reasonable price here also.

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         Kimono Gallery YAWARA                                                                                         きものギャラリー 和 
         4-12-17 Toyotamakita Nerima-ku, Tokyo Japan                                                          東京都練馬区豊玉北 4-12-17 

         From Japan : 03-5999-2608                                                                                      電話 : 03-5999-2608   

         Hours of Operation : 10am-7pm                                                                                営業時間 : 10am-7pm

         Closed : Sunday & Holidays                                                                                     定休日 : 日祭日 

         4 minutes from Sakuradai station on Seibu Ikebukuro line                                         西武池袋線 桜台駅徒歩4分 

         7 minutes from Nerima station on Seibu Ikebukuro line / Oedo line                                 西武池袋線大江戸線 練馬駅徒歩7分


         Kimono Yawara Tokyo (on-line shop for US customers based in Austin TX)                   



         email : helloyawara@gmail.com


4-12-17 Toyotamakita Nerima Tokyo Japan